1. ascending aorta the ascending part of the aorta as it emerges from the left ventricle
  2. descending aorta the descending part of the aorta that branches into the thoracic and abdominal aortae
  3. ascending artery the branch of the ileocolic artery that supplies the ascending colon
  4. ascending node the point at which an orbit crosses the ecliptic plane going north
  5. ascending the act of changing location in an upward direction
  6. endangered in imminent threat of extinction
  7. ascending colon the part of the large intestine that ascends from the cecum to the transverse colon
  8. descending node the point at which an orbit crosses the ecliptic plane going south
  9. ascendant tending or directed upward
  10. ascendent tending or directed upward
  11. sounding board a person whose reactions to something serve as an indication of its acceptability
  12. assenting agreeing with or consenting to (often unwillingly)
  13. condescending characteristic of those who treat others with arrogance
  14. sounding rocket a research rocket used to obtain information about the atmosphere at various altitudes
  15. endanger pose a threat to
  16. sounding lead a metal bob at the end of a sounding line
  17. assentient expressing agreement or consent
  18. standing order a rule of order permanently in force
  19. standing army a permanent army of paid soldiers
  20. ascendancy the state when one person or group has power over another