1. arterial blood gases measurement of the pH level and the oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations in arterial blood; important in diagnosis of many respiratory diseases
  2. arterial blood vessel a blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body
  3. arterial blood blood found in arteries
  4. arteria labialis an artery that is a branch of the facial artery that supplies the lips of the mouth
  5. arterial plaque a fatty deposit inside an arterial wall
  6. arteria pulmonalis one of two arteries (branches of the pulmonary trunk) that carry venous blood from the heart to the lungs
  7. arteria iliolumbalis an artery that originates in the internal iliac artery and supplies the pelvic muscles and bones
  8. arterial sclerosis sclerosis of the arterial walls
  9. arteria brachialis the main artery of the upper arm
  10. arteria alveolaris a branch of the maxillary artery that supplies the alveolar process
  11. arteria lingualis an artery originating from the external carotid artery and supplying the under side of the tongue
  12. arteria buccalis a branch of the maxillary artery that supplies blood to the buccinator muscle and the cheek
  13. arteria lienalis an artery that originates from the celiac trunk and supplies blood to the spleen
  14. arteria lumbalis one of four or five pairs of arteries that originate in the abdominal aorta and supply the lumbar vertebrae and the back muscles and abdominal wall
  15. arteria glutes branches of the internal iliac artery that supply the hip joint and gluteal region
  16. arteriolosclerosis sclerosis of the arterioles
  17. arteria appendicularis the branch of the ileocolic artery that supplies the vermiform appendix
  18. arterial pressure the pressure of the circulating blood on the arteries
  19. arteria ileocolica an artery that originates from the superior mesenteric artery and supplies the terminal part of the ileum and the cecum and the vermiform appendix and the ascending colon
  20. order Lycopodiales lower vascular plants coextensive with the family Lycopodiaceae; in some classifications includes the Selaginellaceae and Isoetaceae