1. art student someone studying to be an artist
  2. antecedent a preceding occurrence or cause or event
  3. prudent marked by sound judgment
  4. grad student a student who continues studies after graduation
  5. ardent characterized by intense emotion
  6. precedent an example that is used to justify similar occurrences
  7. graduate student a student who continues studies after graduation
  8. protestant expressing opposition through action or words
  9. iridescent varying in color when seen in different lights
  10. student a learner who is enrolled in an educational institution
  11. Protestant an adherent of Protestantism
  12. order Testudinata tortoises and turtles
  13. law student a student in law school
  14. A. testudineus a small perch of India whose gills are modified to allow it to breathe air; has spiny pectoral fins that enable it to travel on land
  15. president the leader of a republic or democracy
  16. Testudinata tortoises and turtles
  17. resident someone who lives at a particular place for a long period
  18. Eratosthenes Greek mathematician and astronomer who estimated the circumference of the earth and the distances to the Moon and sun (276-194 BC)
  19. university student a student enrolled in a college or university
  20. dissident a person who objects to some established policy