1. art exhibition an exhibition of art objects (paintings or statues)
  2. inception an event that is a beginning
  3. exhibition the act of displaying or demonstrating
  4. disposition your usual mood
  5. retribution a justly deserved penalty
  6. exposition a collection of things for public display
  7. perception the process of becoming aware through the senses
  8. anticipation the act of predicting, as by reasoning about the future
  9. articulation the manner in which things come together and are connected
  10. participation the act of sharing in the activities of a group
  11. acquisition something gained
  12. expiation compensation for a wrong
  13. redemption the act of purchasing back something previously sold
  14. exception an instance that does not conform to a rule
  15. art collection a collection of art works
  16. requisition an authoritative demand
  17. articulate express or state clearly
  18. urtication an itchy skin eruption characterized by weals with pale interiors and well-defined red margins; usually the result of an allergic response to insect bites or food or drugs
  19. attribution assigning to a cause or source
  20. eradication the complete destruction of every trace of something