1. aurally with regard to sound or the ear
  2. aerially by means of aircraft
  3. orally by spoken rather than written means
  4. areal of or relating to or involving an area
  5. early at or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events or before the usual or expected time
  6. areola small circular area such as that around the human nipple or an inflamed area around a pimple or insect bite
  7. yearly a reference book that is published regularly once every year
  8. aralia any of various plants of the genus Aralia
  9. really in actual fact
  10. aerial existing, living, growing, or operating in the air
  11. warily in a manner marked by keen caution and watchful prudence
  12. aural of or pertaining to hearing or the ear
  13. wearily in a weary manner
  14. aureole the outermost region of the sun's atmosphere
  15. eerily in an unnatural eery manner
  16. oral using speech rather than writing
  17. airily in a manner that is overly casual or lacking seriousness
  18. Jarrell United States poet (1914-1965)
  19. Orwell imaginative British writer concerned with social justice
  20. urial bearded reddish sheep of southern Asia