1. applicative readily applicable or practical
  2. apologetically in an apologetic manner
  3. implicative tending to suggest or imply
  4. obligatorily in an obligatory manner
  5. placative intended to pacify by acceding to demands or granting concessions
  6. objectively in a manner not influenced by emotion
  7. duplicatable capable of being duplicated
  8. applicatory readily applicable or practical
  9. afflictive causing misery or pain or distress
  10. applicable having relevance
  11. applicator a device for applying a substance
  12. Euplectella a genus of Hyalospongiae
  13. ablative the case indicating the agent in passive sentences or the instrument or manner or place of the action described by the verb
  14. appreciatively with appreciation; in a grateful manner
  15. deprecatively in a deprecative manner
  16. adjectivally as an adjective; in an adjectival manner
  17. attractively in a beautiful manner
  18. obligational relating or constituting or qualified to create a legal or financial obligation
  19. Apalachicola a river in northwestern Florida formed by the confluence of the Chattahoochee River and the Flint River at the Florida border
  20. ablactation the cessation of lactation

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