1. aperture a natural opening in something
  2. apparatus equipment designed to serve a specific function
  3. Aberdare a mining town in southern Wales
  4. porterhouse large steak from the thick end of the short loin containing a T-shaped bone and large piece of tenderloin
  5. Labrador Sea an arm of the northern Atlantic between Labrador and southern Greenland
  6. martyrise torture and torment like a martyr
  7. upwards spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher position
  8. parterre an ornamental flower garden
  9. Tartarus a place where the wicked are punished after death
  10. jeopardise pose a threat to; present a danger to
  11. upbraider someone who finds fault or imputes blame
  12. chartreuse of something having the yellowish green color of Chartreuse liqueur
  13. Chartreuse aromatic green or yellow liqueur flavored with orange peel and hyssop and peppermint oils; made at monastery near Grenoble, France
  14. paraphrase express the same message in different words
  15. operator an agent that operates some apparatus or machine
  16. apartheid a social policy of racial segregation
  17. appraiser one who determines authenticity or who guarantees validity
  18. carthorse draft horse kept for pulling carts
  19. departure the act of leaving
  20. martyrize torture and torment like a martyr

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