1. anagogical based on or exemplifying anagoge
  2. pedagogical relating to the study of teaching
  3. analogical expressing, composed of, or based on a comparison
  4. demagogical characteristic of or resembling a demagogue
  5. anagogic based on or exemplifying anagoge
  6. Apalachicola a river in northwestern Florida formed by the confluence of the Chattahoochee River and the Flint River at the Florida border
  7. biological pertaining to life and living things
  8. ecological characterized by the interdependence of living organisms
  9. illogical lacking in a correct relation of reason
  10. apolitical neutral with regards to government policy
  11. archaeological related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology
  12. ideological relating to the characteristic thinking of a group
  13. aerological of or pertaining to aerology
  14. anarchical without law or control
  15. topological of or relating to topology
  16. pedagogically in a didactic manner
  17. oncological of or relating to or practicing oncology
  18. unlogical lacking in correct logical relation
  19. archeological related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology
  20. apical situated at an apex

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