1. answer for furnish a justifying analysis or explanation
  2. answerer someone who responds
  3. interfere get involved, so as to alter or hinder an action
  4. Yenisey River a Russian river in Siberia
  5. Yenisei River a Russian river in Siberia
  6. underfur thick soft fur lying beneath the longer and coarser guard hair
  7. Anseriformes ducks; geese; swans; screamers
  8. answer a statement made to reply to a question or criticism
  9. insofar to the degree or extent that
  10. observer a person who becomes aware through the senses
  11. under fire subjected to enemy attack or censure
  12. answerable capable of being answered
  13. answering replying
  14. insurer a financial institution that sells insurance
  15. unservile not servile or submissive
  16. unswerving going directly from one point to another
  17. unsavory morally offensive
  18. conservator the curator of a collection, as in a museum or library
  19. insertion the act of putting one thing into another
  20. interviewer a person who conducts an interview

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