1. endodontics the branch of dentistry dealing with diseases of the dental pulp
  2. indignant angered at something unjust or wrong
  3. intangible incapable of being perceived by the senses, especially touch
  4. intentness the quality of being intent and concentrated
  5. octanedioic acid a dicarboxylic acid found in cork
  6. inattentiveness a lack of attentiveness (as to children or helpless people)
  7. instant coffee dehydrated coffee that can be made into a drink by adding hot water
  8. Athrotaxis a genus of gymnosperm
  9. Indian cobra a cobra of tropical Africa and Asia
  10. entente cordiale an informal alliance between countries
  11. opportunity cost cost in terms of foregoing alternatives
  12. antinomasia substitution of a title for a name
  13. Arundo donax large rhizomatous perennial grasses found by riversides and in ditches having jointed stems and large grey-white feathery panicles
  14. Jonathan Edwards American theologian whose sermons and writings stimulated a period of renewed interest in religion in America (1703-1758)
  15. endonuclease a nuclease that cleaves nucleic acids at interior bonds and so produces fragments of various sizes
  16. endotoxin a toxin that is confined inside the microorganisms and is released only when the microorganisms are broken down or die
  17. ethanedioic acid a toxic colorless crystalline organic acid found in oxalis and other plants; used as a bleach and rust remover and in chemical analysis
  18. tendonitis inflammation of a tendon
  19. appendix a small sac attached to the large intestines of some animals
  20. Antoine Lavoisier French chemist known as the father of modern chemistry