1. interim the time between one event, process, or period and another
  2. antrum a natural cavity or hollow in a bone
  3. anteroom a large entrance or reception area
  4. endure undergo or be subjected to
  5. Antares the brightest star in Scorpius
  6. Andrew disciple of Jesus
  7. anthurium any of various tropical American plants cultivated for their showy foliage and flowers
  8. gendarme a French policeman
  9. wanderer someone who leads a wandering unsettled life
  10. andiron metal supports for logs in a fireplace
  11. yardarm either end of the yard of a square-rigged ship
  12. endorse approve of
  13. andrena a bee that is a member of the genus Andrena
  14. Andorra a small republic in the eastern Pyrenees between Spain and France
  15. endoderm the inner germ layer that develops into the lining of the digestive and respiratory systems
  16. Andrews United States naturalist who contributed to paleontology and geology (1884-1960)
  17. anadromous migrating from the sea to fresh water to spawn
  18. underarm with hand brought forward and up from below shoulder level
  19. Andira small genus of evergreen trees of tropical America and western Africa
  20. undreamt not imagined even in a dream