1. interconnected operating as a unit
  2. well-connected connected by blood or close acquaintance with people of wealth or social position
  3. unconnected not joined or linked together
  4. analysis abstract separation of something into its various parts
  5. disconnected having been divided; having the unity destroyed
  6. anecdote short account of an incident
  7. Aplysia punctata naked marine gastropod having a soft body with reduced internal shell and two pairs of ear-like tentacles
  8. unsuspected not suspected or believed likely
  9. analysis situs the branch of pure mathematics that deals only with the properties of a figure X that hold for every figure into which X can be transformed with a one-to-one correspondence that is continuous in both directions
  10. interconnect be interwoven or interconnected
  11. well-conducted characterized by good organization and control
  12. uncorrected left faulty or wrong
  13. uncollected not brought together in one place
  14. analysand a person undergoing psychoanalysis
  15. unlicenced lacking official approval
  16. analytic geometry the use of algebra to study geometric properties
  17. disconnect separate, sever, or unfasten
  18. connected joined or linked together
  19. cycles/second the unit of frequency
  20. unlicensed lacking official approval