1. alter ego a very close friend who seems almost a part of yourself
  2. alliteration use of the same consonant at the beginning of each word
  3. esoteric understandable only by an enlightened inner circle
  4. allegory a short moral story
  5. altering the sterilization of an animal
  6. altered changed in form or character without becoming something else
  7. alter cause to change; make different
  8. altercate have a disagreement over something
  9. Easter egg a colored hard-boiled egg used to celebrate Easter
  10. altercation a noisy quarrel
  11. ulterior lying beyond what is openly revealed or avowed
  12. altruistic showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others
  13. altruism the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others
  14. Walter Hess Swiss physiologist noted for studies of the brain
  15. undergo pass through
  16. welterweight a weight of 28 pounds
  17. alteration the act of revising
  18. alternate go back and forth
  19. altar a raised structure on which sacrifices to a god are made
  20. illiterate not able to read or write

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