1. alcoholic drink a liquor or brew containing alcohol as the active agent
  2. alcoholic dementia dementia observed during the last stages of severe chronic alcoholism; involves loss of memory for recent events although long term memory is intact
  3. alcoholic beverage a liquor or brew containing alcohol as the active agent
  4. alcohol addiction habitual intoxication
  5. alcohol group the chemical group -OH
  6. alcoholic characteristic of or containing volatile hydroxyl compounds
  7. alcoholic abuse excessive use of alcohol and alcoholic drinks
  8. alcohol radical the chemical group -OH
  9. Alcoholics Anonymous an international organization that provides a support group for persons trying to overcome alcoholism
  10. ileocolic vein a vein that drains the end of the ileum and the appendix and the cecum and the lower part of the ascending colon
  11. ileocolic artery an artery that originates from the superior mesenteric artery and supplies the terminal part of the ileum and the cecum and the vermiform appendix and the ascending colon
  12. alcoholism habitual intoxication
  13. electronic concerned with principles governing behavior of electrons
  14. microelectronic of or relating to or consisting of miniature electronic components
  15. electric drill a rotating power drill powered by an electric motor
  16. alcohol a volatile compound made by distillation
  17. electric range a kitchen range in which the heat for cooking is provided by electric power
  18. tea-like drink a beverage that resembles tea but is not made from tea leaves
  19. celiac trunk an artery that originates from the abdominal aorta just below the diaphragm and branches into the left gastric artery and the common hepatic artery and the splenic artery
  20. alcohol-dependent addicted to alcohol

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