1. clientele customers collectively
  2. judgmental relating to an assessment of a person, situation, or event
  3. salient conspicuous, prominent, or important
  4. inclined at an angle to the horizontal or vertical position
  5. indolently in an indolent manner
  6. insolently in an insolent manner
  7. ebulliently in an ebullient manner
  8. intelligently in an intelligent manner
  9. red Clintonia plant with nearly leafless stalk topped by a cluster of red or reddish lavender flowers; California to Oregon
  10. anticlinal sloping downward away from a common crest
  11. truculently in a defiantly truculent manner
  12. resilient recovering readily from adversity, depression, or the like
  13. excellently extremely well
  14. vigilantly in a watchful manner
  15. devil nettle a stinging herb of tropical America
  16. opulently in a sumptuous and opulent manner
  17. judgment lien lien on a debtor's property that is granted to a creditor by court judgment; lien may be enforced by having the sheriff seize the property and hold a sheriff's sale
  18. cataclinal of valleys and rivers
  19. petulantly in an easily irritated or annoyed manner
  20. nonchalantly in a composed and unconcerned manner