1. advancing moving forward
  2. advancement the act of moving forward (as toward a goal)
  3. adjusting entry an accounting entry made at the end of an accounting period to allocate items between accounting periods
  4. accounting entry a written record of a commercial transaction
  5. adventure a wild and exciting undertaking
  6. dancing-master a professional teacher of dancing
  7. time signature a musical notation indicating the number of beats to a measure and kind of note that takes a beat
  8. stinging nettle perennial Eurasian nettle established in North America having broad coarsely toothed leaves with copious stinging hairs
  9. darning needle a long needle with an eye large enough for heavy darning or embroidery thread
  10. ascending node the point at which an orbit crosses the ecliptic plane going north
  11. dancing partner one of a pair of people who dance together
  12. Asian country any one of the nations occupying the Asian continent
  13. signature your name written in your own handwriting
  14. adventure story a story of an adventure
  15. fencing material material for building fences
  16. evanescent short-lived; tending to vanish or disappear
  17. fencing sword a sword used in the sport of fencing
  18. Andean condor large vulture of the high Andes having black plumage and white neck ruff
  19. encounter come together
  20. fencing stick a stick used instead of a sword for fencing