1. actively in an energetic manner
  2. activity any specific behavior
  3. active characterized by energetic movement
  4. actually in fact
  5. estival (rare) of or occurring in summer
  6. activate put in motion
  7. objective the goal intended to be attained
  8. actual existing in act or fact
  9. acutely in an acute manner
  10. effectively in a manner producing an intended result
  11. tactful having a sense of what is considerate in dealing with others
  12. Activase a thrombolytic agent (trade name Activase) that causes fibrinolysis at the site of a blood clot; used in treating acute myocardial infarction
  13. actable capable of being acted; suitable for the stage
  14. actinal located on the surface or end on which the mouth is situated
  15. tactfully in a considerate, careful, and appropriate manner
  16. Actifed trade name for a drug containing an antihistamine and a decongestant; used to treat upper respiratory conditions and minor allergies
  17. activist a reformer who works to achieve social or political change
  18. ocotillo desert shrub of southwestern United States and Mexico having slender naked spiny branches that after the rainy season put forth foliage and clusters of red flowers
  19. artfully in an artful manner
  20. aestival (rare) of or occurring in summer