1. active air defense air defense by the use aircraft or missiles or artillery or electronic countermeasures
  2. passive air defense air defense by the use of deception or dispersion or protective construction
  3. anti-takeover defense resistance to or defense against a hostile takeover
  4. air defense defensive measures designed to destroy attacking enemy aircraft or missiles or to nullify their effectiveness
  5. active citizen a citizen who takes an active role in the community
  6. civil defense activities organized by civilians for their own protection in time of war or disaster
  7. Secretary of Defense the position of the head of the Department of Defense
  8. activeness the trait of being active
  9. active voice the voice used to indicate that the grammatical subject of the verb is performing the action or causing the happening denoted by the verb
  10. attentiveness the trait of being observant and paying attention
  11. objective the goal intended to be attained
  12. assertiveness aggressive self-assurance; given to making bold assertions
  13. middle-ear deafness hearing loss due to problems with the bones of the middle ear
  14. activating the activity of causing to have energy and be active
  15. acquisitiveness strong desire to obtain and possess
  16. chemical defense procedures involved in taking defensive measures against attacks using chemical agents
  17. line of defense any organization whose responsibility it is to defend against something
  18. attractiveness the quality of arousing interest
  19. cooperativeness the trait of being cooperative
  20. deference courteous regard for people's feelings

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