1. esoteric understandable only by an enlightened inner circle
  2. Carothers United States chemist who developed nylon (1896-1937)
  3. Acridotheres mynas
  4. acridness extreme bitterness
  5. quarters housing available for people to live in
  6. accroides an alcohol-soluble resin from Australian trees
  7. across to the opposite side
  8. Achoerodus a genus of Labridae
  9. acrobatics the gymnastic moves of an acrobat
  10. acaroid resin an alcohol-soluble resin from Australian trees
  11. carthorse draft horse kept for pulling carts
  12. take orders receive and be expected to follow directions or commands
  13. Acrobates a genus of Phalangeridae
  14. garroter someone who kills by strangling
  15. acrocarp a moss in which the main axis is terminated by the archegonium (and hence the capsule)
  16. macrotus large-eared greyish bat of southern California and northwestern Mexico
  17. criterion the ideal in terms of which something can be judged
  18. accaroid resin an alcohol-soluble resin from Australian trees
  19. Acrocarpus small genus of trees of Indonesia and Malaysia
  20. acropolis the citadel in ancient Greek towns

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