1. acrobatics the gymnastic moves of an acrobat
  2. acoustics the study of the physical properties of sound
  3. aquatics sports that involve bodies of water
  4. acritical without a crisis (as of some diseases)
  5. Adriatic Sea an arm of the Mediterranean between Slovenia and Croatia and Montenegro and Albania on the east and Italy on the west
  6. acrostic verse in which the first letter in each line forms a message
  7. erratic liable to sudden unpredictable change
  8. aerobatics the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft
  9. acrobatic involving athletic feats that require balance and agility
  10. accroides an alcohol-soluble resin from Australian trees
  11. beggar-ticks any of several plants of the genus Bidens having yellow flowers and prickly fruits that cling to fur and clothing
  12. ecstatic feeling great rapture or delight
  13. critical of a serious examination and judgment of something
  14. Acrostichum in some classification systems placed in family Polypodiaceae
  15. Acragas a town in Italy in southwestern Sicily near the coast
  16. achromatic having no hue
  17. macrobiotics the theory of promoting health and longevity by means of diet (especially whole beans and grains)
  18. acridness extreme bitterness
  19. accordance concurrence or agreement of opinion
  20. Crataegus thorny shrubs and small trees: hawthorn; thorn; thorn apple

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