1. accusative case the case of nouns serving as the direct object of a verb
  2. acquisitiveness strong desire to obtain and possess
  3. acoustics the study of the physical properties of sound
  4. ablative case the case indicating the agent in passive sentences or the instrument or manner or place of the action described by the verb
  5. vocative case the case (in some inflected languages) used when the referent of the noun is being addressed
  6. accusative containing or expressing accusation
  7. acoustic aphasia an impairment in understanding spoken language that is not attributable to hearing loss
  8. acoustic wave (acoustics) a wave that transmits sound
  9. genitive case the case expressing ownership
  10. custody case a legal action to determine custody
  11. acoustical of or relating to the science of acoustics
  12. inquisitiveness a state of active curiosity
  13. acoustically with respect to acoustics
  14. acquisitive eager to attain and possess material possessions
  15. accidence the part of grammar that deals with the inflections of words
  16. nominative case the category of nouns serving as the grammatical subject of a verb
  17. objective case the case of nouns serving as the direct object of a verb
  18. associative aphasia aphasia in which the lesion is assumed to be in the association tracts connecting the various language centers in the brain; patient's have difficulty repeating a sentence just heard
  19. executive agency an agency of the executive branch of government
  20. acoustic buoy a buoy that can be heard (at night)

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