1. acquired taste a preference that is only acquired after considerable experience
  2. rete testis network of tubules carrying sperm from the seminiferous tubules to the vasa efferentia
  3. accredited given official approval to act
  4. accordionist a musician who plays the accordion
  5. accurate characterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth
  6. gratuitous unnecessary and unwarranted
  7. current assets assets in the form of cash (or easily convertible into cash)
  8. Acridotheres mynas
  9. acaridiasis infestation with itch mites
  10. accordance of rights the act of granting rights
  11. accurst under a curse
  12. Acrasiomycetes cellular slime molds
  13. order Testacea testacean rhizopods
  14. accredit grant credentials to
  15. accursed under or as if under an evil spell
  16. accurately strictly correctly
  17. accaroid resin an alcohol-soluble resin from Australian trees
  18. chordate genus any genus in the phylum Chordata
  19. greatest highest in quality
  20. keratectasia abnormal bulging of the cornea of the eye