1. absurdly in an absurd manner or to an absurd degree
  2. absurd inconsistent with reason or logic or common sense
  3. abstract existing only in the mind
  4. absurdity the state or quality of being ridiculous
  5. absolutely totally and definitely; without question
  6. assuredly without a doubt
  7. absurdness a message whose content is at variance with reason
  8. courtly love a highly conventionalized code of conduct for lovers
  9. absorbable capable of being absorbed or taken in through the pores of a surface
  10. abstrusely in a manner difficult to understand
  11. absently in an absentminded or preoccupied manner
  12. absolute value a real number regardless of its sign
  13. brittle willow large willow tree with stiff branches that are easily broken
  14. James Riddle Hoffa United States labor leader who was president of the Teamsters Union; he was jailed for trying to bribe a judge and later disappeared and is assumed to have been murdered (1913-1975)
  15. observable capable of being seen or noticed
  16. observation the act of taking a patient look
  17. obdurately in a stubborn unregenerate manner
  18. absinthe oil a dark bitter oil obtained from wormwood leaves
  19. abstruse difficult to understand
  20. absolve grant remission of a sin to