1. night porter a porter on duty during the night
  2. radio brightness the strength of a radio wave picked up by a radio telescope
  3. Marx Brothers a family of United States comedians consisting of four brothers with an anarchic sense of humor
  4. stepbrother a brother who has only one parent in common with you
  5. radio operator someone who operates a radio transmitter
  6. big brother an older brother
  7. Big Brother an authoritarian leader and invader of privacy
  8. druthers the right or chance to choose
  9. Mother Theresa Indian nun and missionary in the Roman Catholic Church
  10. red bird's eye biennial European catchfly having red or pink flowers
  11. radio broadcast a broadcast via radio
  12. mouthbreeder any of various fishes that carry their eggs and their young in their mouths
  13. Thryothorus Carolina wrens
  14. little brother a younger brother
  15. blood brother a male with the same parents as someone else
  16. light breeze wind moving 4-7 knots; 2 on the Beaufort scale
  17. soul brother a fellow Black man
  18. Mother Teresa Indian nun and missionary in the Roman Catholic Church
  19. light bread bread made with finely ground and usually bleached wheat flour
  20. right brain the cerebral hemisphere to the right of the corpus callosum that controls the left half of the body

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