1. unlocated lacking a particular location
  2. uncollected not brought together in one place
  3. unobligated not obligated
  4. unselected not selected
  5. unaddicted not addicted
  6. unaffected undergoing no change when acted upon
  7. uneducated not having a good education
  8. ungulated having or resembling hoofs
  9. uncoated not having a coating
  10. unloaded (of weapons) not charged with ammunition
  11. unlocked not firmly fastened or secured
  12. inflected (of the voice) altered in tone or pitch
  13. annulated shaped like a ring
  14. unbigoted not opinionated
  15. unlighted not set afire or burning
  16. unlimited having no limits in range or scope
  17. unleaded not treated with lead
  18. unlisted not on a list
  19. unelaborated giving only major points; lacking completeness
  20. unalloyed free from admixture

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