1. Trappist member of an order of monks noted for austerity and a vow of silence
  2. rapport a relationship of mutual understanding between people
  3. therapist a person skilled in a particular type of care
  4. trapezius either of two flat triangular muscles of the shoulder and upper back that are involved in moving the shoulders and arms
  5. trappings ornaments; embellishments to or characteristic signs of
  6. trapezoid a quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides
  7. propositus the person immediately affected by or concerned with an action
  8. tempestuous characterized by violent emotions or behavior
  9. trapezoidal resembling a trapezoid
  10. Therapsida extinct mammal-like reptiles found inhabiting all continents from the mid Permian to late Triassic
  11. strabismus abnormal alignment of one or both eyes
  12. droppings fecal matter of animals
  13. trapped forced to turn and face attackers
  14. drippings fat that exudes from meat and drips off while it is being roasted or fried
  15. tropism an involuntary orienting response
  16. doorpost a jamb for a door
  17. therapsid probably warm-blooded; considered direct ancestor of mammals
  18. preposterous inviting ridicule
  19. Herpestes mongooses
  20. harpist someone who plays the harp