1. twitching a sudden muscle spasm
  2. Taichung a city in Taiwan
  3. state change a change from one state (solid or liquid or gas) to another without a change in chemical composition
  4. stitching joining or attaching by stitches
  5. thrashing the act of inflicting corporal punishment with repeated blows
  6. threshing the separation of grain or seeds from the husks and straw
  7. teething the eruption through the gums of baby teeth
  8. team teaching a method of coordinated classroom teaching involving a team of teachers working together with a single group of students
  9. teaching the activities of educating or instructing
  10. touching arousing affect
  11. T'ien-ching a major industrial center in northeastern China on the Grand Canal near the Yellow Sea; 3rd largest city in China
  12. Chittagong a port city and industrial center in southeastern Bangladesh on the Bay of Bengal
  13. get going begin or set in motion
  14. attacking disposed to attack
  15. sticking extending out above or beyond a surface or boundary
  16. stocking the activity of supplying a stock of something
  17. thinking endowed with the capacity to reason
  18. thudding not clear and resonant
  19. tracking the pursuit by following tracks or marks they left behind
  20. trucking the activity of transporting goods by truck

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