1. stelis any of various small tropical American orchids of the genus Stelis having long slender racemes of numerous small to minute flowers
  2. seedless lacking seeds
  3. Steele English writer (1672-1729)
  4. Citellus typical ground squirrels
  5. stemless not having a stem
  6. steel an alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon
  7. sightless lacking sight
  8. Steller German naturalist (1709-1746)
  9. steely resembling steel in hardness
  10. stele an ancient upright stone slab bearing markings
  11. stateless without nationality or citizenship
  12. stellar being or relating to or resembling or emanating from stars
  13. styleless lacking in style or elegance
  14. Ateles spider monkeys
  15. stoneless (of fruits having stones) having the stone removed
  16. Seles United States tennis player (born in Yugoslavia in 1973)
  17. starless not starry; having no stars or starlike objects
  18. tasteless lacking flavor
  19. stainless (of reputation) free from blemishes
  20. soleless having no sole