1. St. Simon one of the twelve Apostles (first century)
  2. statesman a man who is a respected leader in national or international affairs
  3. Stephenson English railway pioneer who built the first passenger railway in 1825 (1781-1848)
  4. stateswoman a woman statesman
  5. Stevenson Scottish author (1850-1894)
  6. parsimonious excessively unwilling to spend
  7. dimension a construct distinguishing objects or individuals
  8. tacit consent (law) tacit approval of someone's wrongdoing
  9. sanctimonious excessively or hypocritically pious
  10. Thomas Higginson United States writer and soldier who led the first Black regiment in the Union Army (1823-1911)
  11. conscientious characterized by extreme care and great effort
  12. cismontane on this (the speaker's) side of the mountains
  13. conscience motivation deriving from ethical or moral principles
  14. stoicism an indifference to pleasure or pain
  15. genus Swainsona a genus of Australian herbs and subshrubs: darling peas
  16. Sir Patrick Manson Scottish physician who discovered that elephantiasis is spread by mosquitos and suggested that mosquitos also spread malaria (1844-1922)
  17. assessment the act of judging a person or situation or event
  18. Adlai Stevenson United States politician and diplomat (1900-1968)
  19. testimony something that serves as evidence
  20. Stoicism (philosophy) the philosophical system of the Stoics following the teachings of the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno