1. smoothed made smooth by ironing
  2. method a way of doing something, especially a systematic way
  3. sympathy sharing the feelings of others, especially sorrow or anguish
  4. smooth out free from obstructions
  5. somewhat to a small degree or extent
  6. sometime at some indefinite or unstated time
  7. symmetry balance among the parts of something
  8. Read method a method of natural childbirth that assumes it is a normal process and that the pain is largely psychological; involves education and breathing exercises to foster relaxation and other exercises
  9. somebody a human being
  10. smothered held in check with difficulty
  11. cemetery a tract of land used for burials
  12. seamed having or joined by a seam or seams
  13. sea mat sessile aquatic animal forming mossy colonies of small polyps each having a curved or circular ridge bearing tentacles; attach to stones or seaweed and reproduce by budding
  14. smooth having a surface free from roughness or irregularities
  15. Cymatiidae tritons
  16. smother deprive of oxygen and prevent from breathing
  17. Lamaze method a method that prepares a mother for natural childbirth
  18. smoothhound smooth dogfish of European coastal waters
  19. smoothly with no problems or difficulties
  20. sainthood the status and dignity of a saint

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