To reinforce means to make stronger. You can reinforce your roof by putting some extra supports under it.

Besides a physical structure, there are many things you can reinforce. If you want to reinforce a message, you can say it louder, rephrase and repeat it or give examples of what you expect. You use dog biscuits to reinforce certain behaviors in your dog. Bad experiences will reinforce your fears, good ones your hopes. And when military leaders reinforce their troops, they send additional soldiers to the front.

Definitions of reinforce
  1. verb
    strengthen and support with rewards
    “Let's reinforce good behavior”
    synonyms: reward
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    type of:
    instruct, learn, teach
    impart skills or knowledge to
  2. verb
    make stronger
    “he reinforced the concrete”
    synonyms: reenforce
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    reinforce with a buttress
    reinforce with fabric
    bolster, bolster up
    support and strengthen
    lay mines
    destroy enemy mines with one's own mines
    type of:
    beef up, fortify, strengthen
    make strong or stronger
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt "Reinforces" Word Meaning

When he's not singing "High Hopes" with Daniel Radcliffe at the Oscars, you can find Joseph Gordon-Levitt exploring the meaning of reinforce with the "Sesame Street" muppet Murray Monster.

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