1. regulatory offense crimes created by statutes and not by common law
  2. regulatory offence crimes created by statutes and not by common law
  3. Regulus regulus European kinglet with a black-bordered yellow crown patch
  4. regulatory agency a governmental agency that regulates businesses in the public interest
  5. regular tetrahedron a tetrahedron with four equilateral triangular faces
  6. regular army a permanent organization of the military land forces of a nation or state
  7. regulative restricting according to rules or principles
  8. Rubus trivialis of southern North America
  9. fellow traveler a communist sympathizer
  10. regularly in a regular manner
  11. regulator gene a gene that produces a repressor substance that inhibits an operator gene
  12. regularity the quality of being characterized by a fixed rate
  13. vehicular traffic the aggregation of vehicles coming and going in a particular locality
  14. declarative relating to an explicit statement or announcement
  15. water travel travel by water
  16. Great Revolt a widespread rebellion in 1381 against poll taxes and other inequities that oppressed the poorer people of England; suppressed by Richard II
  17. regularize make regular or more regular
  18. fellow traveller a communist sympathizer
  19. regularise make regular or more regular
  20. air travel travel via aircraft