1. opalise replace or convert into opal
  2. obolus a Greek unit of weight equal to one tenth of a gram
  3. opalesce reflect light or colors like an opal
  4. Opel German industrialist who was the first in Germany to use an assembly line in manufacturing automobiles (1871-1948)
  5. jobless not having a job
  6. applause a demonstration of approval by clapping the hands together
  7. opalize replace or convert into opal
  8. bowels the center of the Earth
  9. obelisk a stone pillar tapering towards a pyramidal top
  10. ABLS a bachelor's degree in library science
  11. opus a musical work that has been created
  12. hopeless without hope because there seems to be no possibility of comfort or success
  13. Appaloosa a hardy breed of saddle horse developed in western North America and characteristically having a spotted rump
  14. aplasia failure of some tissue or organ to develop
  15. opal a translucent mineral consisting of hydrated silica
  16. impulse an impelling force or strength
  17. Aplysia type genus of the family Aplysiidae
  18. Ops goddess of abundance and fertility
  19. apple a tree widely cultivated for its firm rounded edible fruits
  20. appeal earnest or urgent request