1. Nelson Algren United States writer (1909-1981)
  2. police sergeant a lawman with the rank of sergeant
  3. Celosia argentea weedy annual with spikes of silver-white flowers
  4. color sergeant a sergeant in a color guard who carries one of the colors
  5. desk sergeant the police sergeant on duty in a police station
  6. insurgent in opposition to a civil authority or government
  7. nonconvergent (of lines, planes, or surfaces) never meeting or crossing
  8. Nelson Mandela South African statesman who was released from prison to become the nation's first democratically elected president in 1994 (born in 1918)
  9. first sergeant a sergeant in the Army above the rank of staff sergeant and below master sergeant
  10. John Singer Sargent United States painter known for his society portraits
  11. counterinsurgent of or relating or characteristic of actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency
  12. business agent an agent who handles business affairs for another
  13. sense organ an organ having nerve endings that respond to stimulation
  14. convergent tending to come together from different directions
  15. genus Argonauta type genus of the family Argonautidae: paper nautilus
  16. neurosurgeon someone who does surgery on the nervous system
  17. resurgent rising again as to new life and vigor
  18. Sargent United States painter known for his society portraits
  19. Cassia marginata East Indian tree having long pods containing a black cathartic pulp used as a horse medicine
  20. insurgency an organized rebellion aimed at overthrowing a government