1. negus wine and hot water with sugar and lemon juice and nutmeg
  2. Nicosia the capital and largest city of Cyprus
  3. nix command against
  4. knucks a small metal weapon
  5. Nox Roman goddess of night
  6. Nyx Greek goddess of the night
  7. Gaius Roman Emperor who succeeded Tiberius and whose uncontrolled passions resulted in manifest insanity; noted for his cruelty and tyranny; was assassinated (12-41)
  8. Cnicus one species: blessed thistle
  9. Banks English botanist who accompanied Captain Cook on his first voyage to the Pacific Ocean (1743-1820)
  10. Hanks United States film actor (born in 1956)
  11. nexus the means of connection between things linked in series
  12. bionics application of biological principles to the study and design of engineering systems (especially electronic systems)
  13. congius a British imperial capacity measure (liquid or dry) equal to 4 quarts or 4.545 liters
  14. Inachis a genus of Nymphalidae
  15. noxious injurious to physical or mental health
  16. nutcase someone deranged and possibly dangerous
  17. phonics teaching reading by associating letters with their sounds
  18. Scincus type genus of Scincidae
  19. Xenicus type genus for the Xenicidae
  20. monoicous having male and female reproductive organs in the same plant or animal

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