1. motto a favorite saying of a sect or political group
  2. mite small arachnid that infests animals, plants, or stored foods
  3. mitt the handwear used by fielders in playing baseball
  4. MIT an engineering university in Cambridge
  5. mitigate lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of
  6. quite to the greatest extent; completely
  7. caimito evergreen tree of West Indies and Central America having edible purple fruit star-shaped in cross section and dark green leaves with golden silky undersides
  8. ubiquitous being present everywhere at once
  9. Minuit Dutch colonist who bought Manhattan from the Native Americans for the equivalent of $24 (1580-1638)
  10. summit the top or extreme point of something
  11. limit as far as something can go
  12. mutton meat from a mature domestic sheep
  13. enmity a state of deep-seated ill-will
  14. remit send in payment
  15. commit engage in or perform
  16. dimwit a stupid incompetent person
  17. committee a special group delegated to consider some matter
  18. humidity wetness in the atmosphere
  19. dimity a strong cotton fabric with a raised pattern
  20. gummite a gummy orange mixture of uranium oxides and silicates occurring naturally in the hydration and oxidation of pitchblende