1. Meriones a genus of Cricetidae
  2. Marines members of a body of troops trained to serve on land or at sea
  3. morose showing a brooding ill humor
  4. erroneous containing or characterized by mistakes
  5. merriness the trait of merry joking
  6. Morone carnivorous fresh and salt water fishes
  7. Mormons church founded by Joseph Smith in 1830 with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah
  8. moron a person of subnormal intelligence
  9. irony incongruity between what might be expected and what occurs
  10. moronic having a mental age of between eight and twelve years
  11. moroseness a gloomy ill-tempered feeling
  12. Moron a city in Argentina, to the west of Buenos Aires
  13. marooned cut off or left behind
  14. Micronesia a country scattered over Micronesia with a constitutional government in free association with the United States; achieved independence in 1986
  15. baroness a noblewoman who holds the rank of baron or who is the wife or widow of a baron
  16. soreness a pain that is felt (as when the area is touched)
  17. peroneus muscle of the lower leg that is involved in moving the foot
  18. modernness the quality of being current or of the present
  19. poorness the state of having little or no money and few or no material possessions
  20. marine of or relating to the sea