1. maulers large strong hand (as of a fighter)
  2. Mahler Austrian composer and conductor (1860-1911)
  3. male horse the male of species Equus caballus
  4. manners social deportment
  5. mal rosso a disease caused by deficiency of niacin or tryptophan
  6. mailer a person who mails something
  7. mauler a fighter who batters the opponent
  8. Mailer United States writer (born in 1923)
  9. MEDLARS relational database of the United States National Library of Medicine for the storage and retrieval of bibliographical information concerning the biomedical literature
  10. McCullers United States novelist (1917-1967)
  11. miller someone who works in a mill (especially a grain mill)
  12. millrace a channel for the water current that turns a millwheel
  13. Sellers English comic actor (1925-1980)
  14. Miller United States playwright (1915-2005)
  15. Galeras an active volcano in southeastern Colombia in the Andes
  16. muller a reflective thinker characterized by quiet contemplation
  17. Muller United States geneticist who studied the effects of X-rays on genes (1890-1967)
  18. miler a runner in a one-mile race
  19. Masters United States poet (1869-1950)
  20. Meleagris type genus of the Meleagrididae: wild and domestic turkeys