1. democracy the orientation of those who favor government by the people
  2. majors the most important league in any sport (especially baseball)
  3. Magyar relating to or characteristic of Hungary
  4. imagery the ability to form mental pictures of things or events
  5. manners social deportment
  6. meager deficient in amount or quality or extent
  7. Makarios III Greek Orthodox bishop and archbishop of Cyprus and the first president of independent Cyprus (1913-1977)
  8. maulers large strong hand (as of a fighter)
  9. magus a member of the Zoroastrian priesthood of the ancient Persians
  10. Mars Roman god of war and agriculture
  11. midgrass any of various grasses of moderate height which covered the undisturbed prairie in the United States; includes most of the forage grasses of the temperate zone
  12. seagrass any of various seaweeds that grow underwater in shallow beds
  13. megrims a state of depression
  14. Mucoraceae large family of chiefly saprophytic fungi that includes many common molds destructive to food products
  15. major greater in scope or effect
  16. Meleagris type genus of the Meleagrididae: wild and domestic turkeys
  17. Macaca irus monkey of southeast Asia, Borneo and the Philippines
  18. meagre deficient in amount or quality or extent
  19. manna grass any of several moisture-loving grasses of the genus Glyceria having sweet flavor or odor
  20. meadowgrass any of various grasses that thrive in the presence of abundant moisture