1. geostrategy the branch of geopolitics dealing with strategy
  2. pac-man strategy the target company defends itself by threatening to take over its acquirer
  3. strategy an elaborate and systematic plan of action
  4. illustrate depict with a visual representation
  5. magistrate a lay judge or civil authority who administers the law
  6. alms tray a tray for collecting the offering from a congregation
  7. lustrate purify by means of a ritual
  8. illustrative clarifying by use of examples
  9. magistrature the position of magistrate
  10. multistoried having more than one story
  11. altostratus a stratus cloud at an intermediate altitude of 2 or 3 miles
  12. illustrator an artist who makes illustrations
  13. cam stroke the maximum movement available to a pivoted or reciprocating piece by a cam
  14. menstruate undergo menstruation
  15. mistreated subjected to cruel treatment
  16. thalamostriate vein a vein serving the thalamus and corpus striatum
  17. Haldea striatula in some classifications placed in genus Haldea
  18. ill-starred marked by or promising bad fortune
  19. main street street that serves as a principal thoroughfare for traffic in a town
  20. Main Street any small town

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