1. Fox River a river in Wisconsin that flows into Lake Michigan
  2. Tagus River a European river; flows into the North Atlantic
  3. elixir of life a hypothetical substance believed to maintain life indefinitely; once sought by alchemists
  4. Pecos River a tributary of the Rio Grande that flows southeastward from New Mexico through western Texas
  5. Coosa River river that rises in northwestern Georgia and flows southwest through eastern Alabama to join the Tallapoosa River near Montgomery and form the Alabama River
  6. Kasai River a river of southwestern Africa that rises in central Angola and flows east and then north (forming part of the border between Angola and Congo) and continuing northwest through Congo to empty into the Congo River on the border between Congo and Republic of the Congo
  7. lip service an expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction
  8. luxuriousness wealth as evidenced by sumptuous living
  9. luxuriance the property of being lush and abundant
  10. tax revenue government income due to taxation
  11. book review a critical review of a book
  12. Lena River a Russian river in Siberia
  13. Kura River a river in western Asia
  14. Ouse River a river in northeastern England that flows generally southeastward to join the Trent River and form the Humber
  15. luxuriation an activity that affords excessive pleasure and enjoyment
  16. Kan River a river in southeastern China that flows generally north into the Chang Jiang to the north of Nanchang
  17. Cam River a river in east central England that flows past Cambridge to join the Ouse River
  18. subservient compliant and obedient to authority
  19. luxuriant produced or growing in extreme abundance
  20. reservoir lake used to store water for community use