1. margarita a cocktail made of tequila and triple sec with lime and lemon juice
  2. golden marguerite Eurasian perennial herb with hairy divided leaves and yellow flowers; naturalized in North America
  3. blue marguerite hairy South African or Australian subshrub that has daisylike flowers with blue rays
  4. demarcate set, mark, or draw the boundaries of something
  5. lettercard a postcard that folds so the message is inside
  6. marguerite tall leafy-stemmed Eurasian perennial with white flowers
  7. salt merchant someone who makes or deals in salt
  8. literary critic a critic of literature
  9. disregard lack of attention and due care
  10. black margate dusky grey food fish found from Louisiana and Florida southward
  11. Rider Haggard British writer noted for romantic adventure novels
  12. gregarious temperamentally seeking and enjoying the company of others
  13. laundry cart handcart for moving a load of laundry
  14. Laricariidae armored catfish
  15. military recruit a recently enlisted soldier
  16. meat market a shop in which meat and poultry are sold
  17. food market a marketplace where groceries are sold
  18. Baltimore bird eastern subspecies of northern oriole
  19. Latimeridae extinct except for the coelacanth
  20. oleomargarine a spread made chiefly from vegetable oils and used as a substitute for butter