1. kick starter a starter (as on a motorcycle) that is activated with the foot and the weight of the body
  2. kicksorter scientific instrument consisting of an electronic circuit that permits only voltage pulses of predetermined height to pass
  3. kick-start start (a motorcycle) by means of a kick starter
  4. kick start a starter (as on a motorcycle) that is activated with the foot and the weight of the body
  5. custard pie a prop consisting of an open pie filled with real or artificial custard; thrown in slapstick comedies
  6. magistrature the position of magistrate
  7. ghostwriter a writer who gives the credit of authorship to someone else
  8. street arab a homeless boy who has been abandoned and roams the streets
  9. nonstarter a person with a record of failing
  10. genus Taurotragus African antelopes: elands
  11. kickstand a swiveling metal rod attached to a bicycle or motorcycle or other two-wheeled vehicle; the rod lies horizontally when not in use but can be kicked into a vertical position as a support to hold the vehicle upright when it is not being ridden
  12. starter any new participant in some activity
  13. rock partridge of mountainous areas of southern Europe
  14. genus Tortrix type genus of the Tortricidae
  15. counterterror intended to prevent terrorism
  16. Manchester terrier a breed of short-haired rat terrier with a black-and-tan coat that was developed in Manchester, England
  17. backstroker someone who swims the backstroke
  18. first-rater one who is first-rate
  19. get started start to be active
  20. castrated deprived of sexual capacity or sexual attributes

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