1. Kendall United States biochemist who discovered cortisone
  2. Kendal a green dye, often used to color cloth, which is obtained from the woad plant
  3. scandalous giving offense to moral sensibilities
  4. Kendall's tau a nonparametric measure of the agreement between two rankings
  5. pendulous hanging loosely or bending downward
  6. vandalise destroy wantonly, as through acts of vandalism
  7. Canna edulis canna grown especially for its edible rootstock from which arrowroot starch is obtained
  8. scandalise strike with disgust or revulsion
  9. endless having no known beginning and presumably no end
  10. windlass lifting device consisting of a horizontal cylinder turned by a crank on which a cable or rope winds
  11. countless very many; too numerous to be numbered
  12. Tantalus a wicked king and son of Zeus
  13. kindled set afire
  14. entellus langur of southern Asia; regarded as sacred in India
  15. Kendall test any of several nonparametric measures of correlation
  16. Fundulus killifish
  17. lend-lease the transfer of aid to an ally in a common cause
  18. condolence an expression of sympathy with another's grief
  19. vandalize intentionally destroy or deface someone else's property
  20. tantalise harass with persistent criticism or carping