1. Jerusalem capital and largest city of the modern state of Israel
  2. Jerusalem sage a spreading subshrub of Mediterranean regions cultivated for dense axillary whorls of purple or yellow flowers
  3. Jerusalem oak Eurasian aromatic oak-leaved goosefoot with many yellow-green flowers; naturalized North America
  4. genus lemmus lemmings
  5. genus Leymus genus that in some classifications overlaps the genus Elymus
  6. Serrasalmus piranhas
  7. Jerusalem cross a cross with equal arms, each terminating in a small crossbar
  8. genus Elymus tall tufted perennial grasses
  9. genus Limosa godwits
  10. genus Liomys pocket mice
  11. genus Ulmus type genus of family Ulmaceae
  12. genus Eliomys lerots
  13. aerosolize disperse as an aerosol
  14. aerosolise disperse as an aerosol
  15. Jersey elm a variety of the English elm with erect branches and broader leaves
  16. Jerusalem Warriors ethnic Turkish Sunni terrorists who are linked with the Turkish Hizballah; killed a United States Air Force sergeant in 1991
  17. Erasmus Dutch humanist and theologian who was the leading Renaissance scholar of northern Europe; although his criticisms of the Roman Catholic Church led to the Reformation, he opposed violence and condemned Martin Luther (1466-1536)
  18. Jerusalem cherry small South American shrub cultivated as a houseplant for its abundant ornamental but poisonous red or yellow cherry-sized fruit
  19. Acorus calamus perennial marsh plant having swordlike leaves and aromatic roots
  20. perusal the act of examining or reading carefully