1. inexpensiveness the quality of being affordable
  2. inexpensively with little expenditure of money
  3. inexpensive relatively low in price or charging low prices
  4. expansive bit a bit with a cutting blade that can be adjusted to different sizes
  5. unexpansive showing no tendency to expand
  6. expensiveness the quality of being high-priced
  7. expensive high in price or charging high prices
  8. inexpressively without expression; in an inexpressive manner
  9. expensively in an expensive manner
  10. expansiveness a quality characterized by magnificence of scale or the tendency to expand
  11. expansively in an impressively expansive manner
  12. indispensable essential
  13. inexperienced person a person who lacks knowledge of evil
  14. inexpressive not expressive
  15. inextensible not extensile
  16. expansive able or tending to extend in one or more directions
  17. unresponsiveness the quality of being unresponsive
  18. expense record a written record of money spent
  19. inexpressible defying expression
  20. extensive large in spatial extent or range or scope or quantity