1. possess have ownership of
  2. Hesse Swiss writer (born in Germany) whose novels and poems express his interests in eastern spiritual values (1877-1962)
  3. assess estimate the nature, quality, ability or significance of
  4. masses the common people generally
  5. losses something lost (especially money lost at gambling)
  6. hostess a woman host
  7. Hassel Norwegian chemist noted for his research on organic molecules (1897-1981)
  8. hisser someone who communicates disapproval by hissing
  9. reassess revise or renew one's appraisal
  10. Heyse German writer (1830-1914)
  11. Hess Nazi leader who in 1941 flew a solo flight to Scotland in an apparent attempt to negotiate a peace treaty with Great Britain but was imprisoned for life (1894-1987)
  12. hassle disorderly fighting
  13. recess a state when work or action are paused
  14. heiress a female heir
  15. house a dwelling that serves as living quarters for a family
  16. hueless of something totally lacking in saturation and therefore having no hue
  17. hessian (19th century) a man's high tasseled boot
  18. Hyssopus Eurasian genus of perennial herbs or subshrubs
  19. Hussein king of Jordan credited with creating stability at home and seeking peace with Israel (1935-1999)
  20. Theseus (Greek mythology) a hero and king of Athens who was noted for his many great deeds: killed Procrustes and the Minotaur and defeated the Amazons and united Attica