1. Hawaiian dancing a Polynesian rain dance performed by a woman
  2. unswerving going directly from one point to another
  3. surfing the sport of riding a surfboard toward the shore on the crest of a wave
  4. genus Irvingia wild mango
  5. Julius Erving United States basketball forward (born in 1950)
  6. undeserving not worthy of being treated in a particular way
  7. timeserving taking immediate advantage, often unethically, of any circumstance of possible benefit
  8. John Irving United States writer of darkly humorous novels
  9. hairweaving the act of interweaving a hairpiece with your own hair
  10. unnerving inspiring fear
  11. uncurving having no curves
  12. observing quick to notice; showing quick and keen perception
  13. horrifying provoking horror
  14. deserving worthy of being treated in a particular way
  15. manservant a man servant
  16. house servant a servant who is paid to perform menial tasks around the household
  17. serving the act of delivering a writ or summons upon someone
  18. swerving the act of turning aside suddenly
  19. conservative resistant to change
  20. surveying the practice of measuring angles and distances on the ground so that they can be accurately plotted on a map