1. grocery list a list of groceries to be purchased
  2. grocery store a marketplace where groceries are sold
  3. River Cocytus (Greek mythology) a river in Hades that was said to be a tributary of the Acheron
  4. genus Eragrostis annual or perennial grasses of tropics and subtropics
  5. grass roots the common people at a local level
  6. grassroots of or involving the common people rather than those in power
  7. Saussurea costus annual herb of the eastern Himalayas (Kashmir) having purple florets and a fragrant root that yields a volatile oil used in perfumery and for preserving furs
  8. glyceric acid a syrupy acid obtained by oxidation of glycerol or glyceraldehyde
  9. crossroads a crisis situation when a critical decision must be made
  10. fixed costs a periodic charge that does not vary with business volume
  11. treasure chest a chest filled with valuables
  12. grocery boy a delivery boy for groceries
  13. genus Rhyncostylis genus of epiphytic orchids of tropical Asia
  14. roller coaster elevated railway in an amusement park
  15. Barbary Coast the Mediterranean coast of northern Africa that was famous for its Moorish pirates
  16. Procrustes a mythical giant who was a thief and murderer
  17. grocery bag a sack for holding customer's groceries
  18. Coryphaena equisetis a kind of dolphinfish
  19. genus Sarcocystis chief genus of the order Sarcosporidia
  20. genus Cercocebus mangabeys

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