1. Grandma Moses United States painter of colorful and primitive rural scenes
  2. grand mal epilepsy epilepsy in which the attacks involve loss of consciousness and tonic spasms of the musculature followed by generalized jerking
  3. Grand Marnier an orange-flavored French liqueur
  4. Grand Rapids a city in west central Michigan
  5. grandmaster a player of exceptional or world class skill in chess or bridge
  6. Carduus crispus European biennial introduced in North America having flower heads in crowded clusters at ends of branches
  7. Christmas rose European evergreen plant with white or purplish rose-like winter-blooming flowers
  8. grandfather clause an exemption based on circumstances existing prior to the adoption of some policy; used to enfranchise illiterate whites in south after the American Civil War
  9. genus Rhizopus a genus of rot-causing fungi having columnar hemispherical aerial sporangia anchored to the substrate by rhizoids
  10. Christmas disease a clotting disorder similar to hemophilia A but caused by a congenital deficiency of factor IX
  11. Stenotomus chrysops found in Atlantic coastal waters of North America from South Carolina to Maine; esteemed as a panfish
  12. grand circle a gymnastic exercise performed on the horizontal bar by swinging around it with the body fully extended
  13. Neotoma fuscipes host to Lyme disease tick in northern California
  14. John Thomas Scopes Tennessee highschool teacher who violated a state law by teaching evolution; in a highly publicized trial in 1925 he was prosecuted by William Jennings Bryan and defended by Clarence Darrow (1900-1970)
  15. Sir Thomas Raffles British colonial administrator who founded Singapore
  16. grand larceny theft of property having a value greater than some amount
  17. grandmother the mother of your father or mother
  18. Grand Prix one of several international races
  19. Grand River a river in southern Michigan that flows northwest to empty into Lake Michigan
  20. groundmass (geology) the matrix of fine-grained crystalline material in which larger crystals are embedded

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